New staircase designed by Nigel Bird Architects at Wardour Castle, Wiltshire.

Why have a dog and bark yourself?

Nigel Bird Architects has a policy of never ever leaving any of our clients in any situation whereby they are left on their own. From the moment we are commissioned we undertake to handle everything for you.

The Thomas Cook Headquarters Boardroom included renewing all audio-technical equipment.

In our book, budgets are carved in stone.

Attention to minute detail in the designing and planning stages enables us to ensure that what we create for you will be achieved within your budget. When Nigel Bird Architects presents their costing you can be sure that they are within your budget and that it will not be exceeded.

A new apartment in Farringdon, London - bathroom.

In the last ten years we’ve made over 200 successful planning applications.

Securing planning permission is never easy. Success is about not being fearful of Planning Departments. We have made over 200 successful planning applications including dealing with such demanding bodies as English Heritage. Securing those permissions is a fundamental part of our service. It is something we assume to be our responsibility.

Carshalton Salvation Army Hall – the main entrance.

A clear cut financial system that holds no nasty surprises.

Nothing is guaranteed to spoil a project more than the subject of money. Nigel Bird Architects developed their own system which we call Constant Accounting. At any given point in the development of a project our clients always know exactly what the financial situation is. Whenever any amendment or change to the original briefing specification is required, and agreed, you will receive an up-dated financial analysis. Additionally, we are always happy to work alongside an independent cost consultant should you wish to appoint one.

New staircase designed by Nigel Bird Architects at Wardour Castle, Wiltshire.

Let’s be honest, dealing with builders isn’t the easiest of things.

For many property developers dealing with builders is an everyday affair, in fact we have many clients for whom this part of our service isn’t required. However, where the private individual is concerned it can often turn out to be little short of a nightmare. We handle ALL negotiations and discussions and monitoring work-in-progress is handled by us personally. As we said, you shouldn’t need to have a dog and bark yourself.

A new apartment in Farringdon, London - the kitchen and dining area.

Trouble-free developments by Nigel Bird Architects.

The range and depth of our client list includes such large property owning organisations as The Royal Scottish Corporation; The Salvation Army with large, often listed buildings throughout the country, the Thomas Cook International Organisation and The Samaritans. Many of whom have us on an on-going retained basis.

We have also been interested by many private homes of hugely diverse sizes, and budgets of course - including members of the Rolling Stones through to small elegant extensions for suburban homes.

Irrespective of the size of a project you will always receive the same care, attention to detail, financial planning and creativity.